’The ability to move
 or be moved freely
 and easily
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’The ability to
 move or be moved
 freely and easily
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 the Freedom of
 True Mobility
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The world first wireless Bladder Volume Scanner!

No more hassles with the cables, you can feel free to move around the patient. With this rechargeable, easy to use and lightweight design.

  • Prevents unnecessary catheterizations
  • Measurement of Post Void Residual
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The fusion of comfort, portability, and advanced features makes the new Mediate Medical Bladder Volume Scanner the ultimate go-anywhere Bladder Scanner instrument.

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Mobile healthcare

The rise in the number of mobile healthcare workers is creating a need for technology that is compact, easy-to-use, and connects with the mobile devices that drive this new breed of healthcare professionals.
When you think of technology that is easy to travel with two ideas come to mind, smartphones and tablets. What if being able to have the use of a mobility Bladder Volume Scanner at your fingertips that is reliable and has high performance in accuracy and as far as capturing images sound?

The convenience of using this smart mobile Bladder Volume Scanner to capture a scanned volume is unmistakable. The Bladder Volume Scanner is a new generation of bladder scanner that is sure to take ”mobility” even further as the number and needs of the mobile healthcare worker begin to shift and increase.

If you can work with your old bladder scanner, then you can scan using Bladder Volume Scanner. ”You do not need any specific knowledge or training in bladder scanning to use this device. Once the smartphone or tablet is connected wirelessly to the BVS, all the rules change for bladder scanning. Mobility is a game changer.”

A smart phone or tablet can be connected to the scanner via Wi-Fi scanned images and the calculated bladder volume will be saved in the instrument or send to the phone or tablet. Scanned images can then be shared by the phone’s email or memory.

'Experience the Freedom of True Mobility with the First Cordless Bladder Scanner



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