It is not only about involvement with your patients: the finances of your practice, clinic or healthcare institution must also be healthy. Is your financial leeway limited by loss of financial reserves due to the Corona crisis and are you under great pressure to work costs responsibly according to medical regulations?

Mediate Medical has the right solution to relieve you of this diagnostic instrument!

We often hear from healthcare institutions that it is high on the wish list: smarter use of money. Do you want a better cash flow? Is it necessary to free up money for new investments? Then consider leasing or renting the BVS Bladder Volume Scanner instead of buying. This prevents you from suddenly having to pay a large amount.

Advantages of leasing or renting our equipment

  • Able to invest outside the budget cycle
  • Rent by day, month or quater of a year
  • No direct large investment, your working capital remains untouched
  • You are not at risk of depreciation of this diagnostic instrument
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Clear, affordable costs
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • Training with delivery of the machine
  • Complete kit to start with scanning, including case and gel
  • Additional warranty extension and insurance possible