Uroflowmetry on any toilet.

Minze Hospiflow

The Minze Uroflowmeter can be used on any toilet in the hospital or practice.

  • Less stress for the patient thanks to the familiar environment
  • Wireless, waterproof and easy-to-use
  • Easy transition between standing and sitting setup

Secure Connectivity

The Minze Uroflowmeter connects to the Minze Gateway or Minze Flow app via Bluetooth to send the data to the cloud.

  • Easy Gateway setup with Minze Toolkit app
  • WiFi 2.4GHz or Ethernet Gateway internet connection
  • Secure and encrypted Gateway communication with Minze Cloud
  • Option to use the Minze Flow app for uroflowmeter management and cloud connectivity

Clinician Portal

Our interactive cloud portal allows you to easily manage your uroflowmetry practice.

  • Easy to manage and (pre)assign uroflowmetry measurements to patients
  • Assess and compare flows, e.g. before and after treatment
  • Export options to patient EHR available