The separtion from Mediate Holding B.V.


  • Jaap Paauwe is the co-founder of Chengdu Mediate Technology Co., Ltd
  • Chengdu Mediate TechnologyCo. is the developer of the BVS bladder scanner
  • Jaap Paauwe is the sole owner of JCP Holding B.V.
  • Mediate Medical is a trade name by JCP Holding B.V.
  • JCP Holding B.V. owns the brand Mediate Medical as published by BOIP
  • Jaap Paauwe is active since 1998 in the market of ultrasound equipment
  • Jaap Paauwe has successfully brought brands like: Verathon, MCube, Meike and Meda bladder scanners to international markets
  • JCP Holding B.V. is recognized as the distributor of the BVS bladder scanners
  • JCP Holding B.V. is the only service center that is authorized and certified to repair and replace units in the market and maintain the factory warranty
  • JCP Holding B.V. is the Autorized European CE Representative for the BVS Bladder Scanner

As of March 2022, Jaap Paauwe, sole owner of JCP Holding B.V. has resigned from his position of C.E.O. in Mediate Holding B.V.

The shareholders of Mediate Holding B.V. and JCP Holding B.V. have different opinions regarding the strategy for the BVS bladder scanner. Mediate Holding B.V. wants to focus on selling the current device and is therefore neglecting innovation and improvement of the hardware and software of the BVS Pro.

We from JCP Holding B.V. believe in innovation as a way to improve user expirience and want to move forward moving medical markets.