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Lease & Rental

It is not only about involvement with your patients: the finances of your practice, clinic or healthcare institution must also be healthy. Is your financial leeway limited by loss of financial reserves due to the Corona crisis and are you under great pressure to work costs responsibly according to medical regulations?

Mediate Medical has the right solution to relieve you of this diagnostic instrument!

We often hear from healthcare institutions that it is high on the wish list: smarter use of money. Do you want a better cash flow? Is it necessary to free up money for new investments? Then consider leasing or renting the BVS Bladder Volume Scanner instead of buying. This prevents you from suddenly having to pay a large amount.

Advantages of leasing or renting our equipment

  • Able to invest outside the budget cycle
  • No direct large investment, your working capital remains untouched
  • You are not at risk of depreciation of this diagnostic instrumen
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Clear, affordable costs per month
  • Up-to-date equipment, guarantees such as purchase
  • Due to a relatively short term, you can

Lease & Rental Flyer

English  Lease & Rental Flyer English

Dutch     Lease & Huur Flyer Nederlands

Operational Lease

Bladderscan linksachter
  • Unit BVS Pro W
  • Accessories : Metal Case
  • 1 internal battery
  • Charger / cradle: wireless
  • User’s manual
  • Quick reference
  • Software (communication): 1 x license

€ 138,75 per month (4 years)


Bladderscan achterkant
  • Unit BVS Pro W
  • Accessories : Metal Case
  • 1 internal battery
  • Charger / cradle: wireless
  • User’s manual
  • Quick reference
  • Software (communication): 1 x license


  • Rental period minimal 3 month’s
  • Prepayment 3 months’ rent before rental period starts
  • Replacement of unit after service request within 5 working days

€ 229,90 per month (3 months)

Calibration & Repair Service Contract Optional

Bladderscan voorkant

Calibration & service contract includes:

  • Battery
    1x year
  • Calibration + Certificate
    1x year
  • Full factory warranty during the Subscription period
    4 years
  • Wet section replacement on probe (outside the warranty)
    1x Subscription period
  • Replacement of an instrument during repairs
    after 5 working days

Ask for a quotation

A contract “Scan Guaranty Program” granting the use and availability of a BVS Pro W during a fixed period of 48 months (4 years) in exchange for a specified payment plan.

After the subscription period the ownership of the unit will pass to the customer. The Bladder Volume Scanners BVS Pro W will be used under the terms specified in this Scan Guaranty Program.

Warranty (general)
Mediate Holding BV warrants the products against defects in material and workmanship for the subscription period of 4 years. This warranty does not apply if the instrument has been damaged by misuse, or as the result of service or modification by anyone other than an appointed Mediate Medical Service Centre.

The product shall be used in accordance with the instructions contained in its operator’s manual. Consumable items shall be used in conformance with Mediate Holding BV product specifications. Consumable items are not covered under this warranty.

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